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If you can't seem to sell your home or don't want to sell your home; your other option can be to Rent It Out. We provide Property Management solutions for homeowners and investors.

We, at Kings Realty & Rentals Inc., provide professional service and treat you like Royalty.  We work hard to find you a qualified tenant as fast as possible.  You pay for our services when we find you a qualified tenant.  Let US Rent your Castle Without the Hassle.  Let us do the work for you.

Our Property Management Services Include:

Compare our simple cost schedule to your current contract and you'll see that we offer the best value.  We do not believe in nickel and diming our customers.  Nor do we inflate maintenance and repairs - our owners are billed at actual cost.

We know how difficult and time consuming it is to manage your own rental property(s) and that is why we, at Kings Realty & Rentals, Inc., dedicate ourselves to managing your property and protecting your investment.

Contact us for a free no-obligation analysis of your rental property and consultation.